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USEECRETE invites you to explore Crete through a private tour experience. At USEECRETE our priority is visitors to get to know Crete and its beauties through our eyes. Get ready to see, taste, smell hear and feel all the hidden treasures. Turn your senses on and let us lead you to this memorable trip!

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Two Tours are Available

Explore the Real Crete

We have created an excursion that presents to our visitors all the different aspects of rural Crete. In one day, will explore all “faces” of Crete. Our circuit passes through forests, green valleys, small villages, narrow canyons and takes us over beautiful, isolated beaches. During the trip, our guide will provide information on the history, culture and everyday life of the region. Thus, visitors can take a complete taste of the real Crete.
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Two Tours are Available

Explore the Flavors of Crete

In Crete the strong ties of the family are the protagonists, any family issues are discussed around a table with food and good wine. We have created a private excursion that gives you the opportunity to explore the flavors of Crete, in a family atmosphere tasting indigenous varieties of wine as well as traditional flavors that you will have made by yourself.

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Experience the hospitality of Crete!